viernes, 2 de marzo de 2018

New releases from this week on For dolls boutique.

Hi, I have new releases in my Etsy's shop.

First I introduce you the new releases for Poppy Parker dolls (also fits Barbie & FR dolls). This dress i'ts made it in 100% cotton thread.

I like this pattern a lot, because it fits to Poppy Parker dolls very well, but also the other dolls like Barbie and Fashion Royalty who has similar size. You can visit the Poppy Parker page in my blog to see the other clothes I have available for them.

Now it's time to introduce you the new clothes I've made for Middie Blythe, Lati Yellow & Mini Mui Chan dolls.
I usually use 100% cotton thread for my creations, but also use another kind of threads, like sparkling or mohair yarns.

At last, I want to introduce you the new releases for Blythe dolls. As you see the new models fits the stock body and the articulated custom body.
I use some ornaments in my dresses like crystal beads, or little flowers and sequins.
In other cases I do hand-embroidered flowers.

I hope you like them all! Don't miss to visit my Etsy's shop ;)

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