viernes, 23 de febrero de 2018

At last, my Icy doll is finished...

I again!!!
I bought a custom faceplate from an Icy doll few days ago. I have been waiting for the rest of the body, in my case I bought a whole doll and I changed the faceplate and the eyemech. I have also corrected a bit the look, it is the first time I do it and the truth, it has not been difficult.
I have also put the cord for the sleeping effect and I have painted the eyelids.
The result is not bad.

miércoles, 21 de febrero de 2018

New doll at home: Aika

Let me introduce my new model. She's a custom Blythe with articulated body.
Aika it's her name. She's so sweet, I love her messy hair and her beautiful face.
She was created by the artist called Narunu, who have a shop on Etsy.
She makes very beautiful customs with Blythe dolls.
I'm very lucky to have Aika.

sábado, 17 de febrero de 2018

New Poppy Parker, Barbie & FR Clothes

Last two weeks I've been working with some new colors I received. I like a lot this multicolor threads, the result is very nice.
Also I finished some mohair sweaters with bell slevees for Poppy Parker and similar dolls.
You can find them on Ebay this February 2018.


I've been working a lot last two weeks with a colorful threads. I like they a lot not only for the beautiful combination of colors, also because the quality is soo good.
As always, I hope you like my creations.
Those dresses fits Blythe with stock body and also with Azone Pure Neemo body. In my case I use a Azone Pure Neemo size M, but also fits S, size.