jueves, 7 de septiembre de 2017

Color dresses for FR16, Poppy Parker Fashion Teen & Tulabelle dolls

Sometimes it's dificult to find clothes for dolls with 16", because they aren't unusual. Also it has ha diference between the different labels of dolls with the chest and hips size.
I bought last year a Poppy Parker Fashion teen doll from integrity toys. I've been working with her body. The clothes fits FR16 and Tulabelle dolls from integrity toys, but not other 16" like Tonner Tyler dolls.
If you have a doll of this label and you like my clothes, you can buy them on my Etsy's shop.

domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

Autumn - Winter season: Lati Yellow & Pukifee

Those days I had been working with my little Lati Yellow doll in the new season clothes for my Etsy's shop.
Of course this clothes fits also Pukifee and other dolls with similar size. I have used cotton and mohair mainly, but I'm always searching different kind of materials to create my clothes.