martes, 27 de junio de 2017

Jerseys y Tops para muñecas Azone y Ruruko

Nuevos jerseys para muñecas con cuerpo Azone pure neemo flection xs & Ruruko.
Todos estos modelos están disponibles, pero es posible que no los encuentres todos en mi tienda, si te gusta alguno y no puedes encontrarlo en la tienda contacta conmigo via correo electrónico:

viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

Clothes for Ruruko & Pure neemo xs flection body dolls

I recently started working with dolls with body azone pure neemo flection xs.
It is a body that is used for many azone dolls and also for the Ruruko, which are dolls of a childish appearance.
I really like the versatility of these articulated bodies, since lovers of photographing their dolls have more options in their postures.
Another thing I like about this body is that it serves to replace the body of other, simpler dolls. In my case I have replaced the body of a Licca chan doll, since it did not convince me. The result you can see in the photos, I think it has improved a lot.
The clothes I make are usually quite tight to the body so that I make them, so although they may be worth for some other doll, they are made expressly for this type of body.

Of course you can find my creations on my  Etsy's shop, I hope you like them.