domingo, 3 de enero de 2016

New creations for Pullip dolls

I've been working for a while in my Blythe outfits, but now I've decided to re-start working with Pullip.
I think Pullip dolls are one the most beautiful dolls I've seen.
Cheonsan have made it a lot of different models, so you can find very sweet Pullips like Alice, or in my case I bought Holly, but also you can find funny ones wearing cat's fancy dress for example, or the gothic ones like the vampires.
So it doesn't mind want you like, sure you're going to find your perfect Pullip doll.

Well, as always you can find my creations in my Etsy's shop.
But if you like one of my models and you couldn't find on the shop, contact me, because it's impossible for me to have all my clothes in the shop.

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